Just uploaded CUTUPS ~ƒ⊗⊗✞ωσяк נ∇ηgℓє мιχ ѕєяιєѕ νσℓ.001 to Mixcloud. Listen now!

HAPPY 1 MONTH TO THE FOOTWORK JUNGLE! I’m too excited to see how much we have grown in the course of 1 month. We have our first event planned for March but TODAY I have some exciting newz to share!
Pittsburgh’z hometown footwork junglist CUTUPS launches our ƒ⊗⊗✞ωσяк ~ נ∇ηgℓє mix series off into the stars with Volume 1 [a.k.a. polymorphic vibrations].

ƒωנ ση ƒα¢євσσк
ƒσℓℓσω ƒωנ ƒσя мσяє мυѕι¢!
‡ƒ⊗⊗✞ωσяк ~ נ∇ηgℓє

"hey internets. i’m cutups, a dj, producer and generally huge music fan based in pittsburgh, pa.
i’ve been involved with djing and promoting electronic and experimental music of all stripes since 1996, throwing raves and underground shows at diy venues, clubs and art galleries around the city.
since 2000 i’ve been involved as a promoter and resident dj with FUZZ, a wednesday night weekly focused on drum and bass and it’s cousins. we rock it out in a small polish bar, and have brought in many of our heros big and small in the drum and bass, dubstep and breakcore worlds. as i dj, i have two other residencies, at LAZERCRUNK, where we focus on new, cutting edge and fun dance music of all types, and ILLUSIONS, where we book bands and djs who play darker dance music. i try to push boundaries and bring in different styles while still keeping it all high quality. as somebody who has always liked to blend different styles, i’m pretty stoked on the post-genre hybrids that are so common these days. i’ll work juke and footwork tunes into my “drum and bass” sets quite often, and after pulling together a number of these tunes that lived in both worlds, I decided to record this mix. hope you dig it!”

2.14 LAZERCRUNK w/ Distal @ Brillobox
2.16 HOT MASS afterhours
2.23 SOMEDAY IS TODAY leukemia & lymphoma society benefit @ Shadow Lounge
3.13 FUZZ w/ Bailey @ Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
3.14 LAZERCRUNK w/ HxdB @ Brillobox
3.16 ILLUSIONS dark occult dance ritual @ Brillobox
3.20 FUZZ w/ SPY @ Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
4.11 LAZERCRUNK w/ Bombe & Battleaxebaby @ Brillobox
4.18 ILLUSIONS w/ Night Terrors @ Brillobox


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